The maritime industry has a long way to go to be competitive in a world where sustainability is the norm, and zero-emissions transportation is no longer just a buzz-word. Today, shipping is without dispute the most energy-efficient means of transportation. But other modes of transportation such as road, rail and even air are decarbonizing at breakneck speed, and we need to keep pace to make shipping future-proof.

Future Proof Shipping (FPS) is here to facilitate and lead by example. The shipping industry has immense potential for reducing its ecological footprint. The technology to build zero-emissions ships exists today and sustainable propulsion technologies are rapidly becoming an attractive alternative to fossil fuel propelled engines.

"Future Proof Shipping (FPS) will validate, and scale hydrogen-based clean energy technologies that will provide a competitive advantage in shipping, and result in a fossil fuel and emissions free maritime industry."

We will contribute to a future proof shipping world by validating pioneering renewable energy technologies that have the potential to make the industry fossil-fuel and emissions free. By enabling selected shipping companies to gain a relatively low-risk first mover advantage via the implementation of these sustainable technologies, followed by a wider dissemination, we will spur systemic change which will result in large-scale positive economic, ecological and societal impact.

We believe that shipping has a multi-fuel future, in which several renewable fuels and their utilization pathways fit seamlessly together. Between now and 2040, we will set up multiple initiatives to explore and develop the pathways that have a clear roadmap towards a fossil-fuel free and zero-emissions future. We will also take up awareness creation and knowledge dissemination activities to inform the industry and general public about the need for sustainable shipping.