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Our Affiliations

EU/NL Projects

ZEM Ports NS has provided funding to support the retrofitting of the “Maas” project. This funding subsidises some key equipment to be installed onboard during the retrofit. It also has supported FPS’s initial safety study and ongoing monitoring of the vessel’s emissions performance. The funding will continue to support further work on the safety study up until the final design, HAZOP and risk assessments are fully completed.

StasHH is a European consortium consisting of 25 leading organisations in the hydrogen sector are joining forces to define, develop and test the first European standard for fuel cell modules for heavy duty applications. The consortium operating together as “StasHH” comprises 11 fuel cell module suppliers, 9 original equipment manufacturers (of which FPS is one) and 5 research, test, engineering and/or knowledge institutes.

The RH2INE (Rhine Hydrogen Integration Network of Excellence) Kickstart IWT project has been nominated as one of the IPCEI (Important Project of Common European interest) initiatives with the ambition to have 12 hydrogen-powered inland vessels and four filling stations between the ports of Rotterdam and Cologne by 2024. We are proud to be part of this cooperation to operate with hydrogen and we are excited to fast forward the transition to zero emissions shipping together.

The FLAGSHIPS project will take zero-emission waterborne transport to an entirely new level by deploying two commercially operated hydrogen fuel cell vessels in 2023. The Zulu will operate in France, and the FPS Waal between Rotterdam and Duisburg.

SH2IPDRIVE (Sustainable Hydrogen Integrated Propulsion Drives), a consortium of 25 industry and knowledge partners focused on the application of hydrogen in the maritime sector, has received a grant of 24.2 million euros from the R&D mobility fund.
FPS is the project coordinator in addition to being involved in research aspects.

RH2IWER project, has launched an ambitious initiative to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell powered vessels in inland waterway transport. The consortium will showcase six vessels of different types. The FPS Rijn and FPS IJSSEL will be converted to H2 propulsion in this project.

SEANERGY (Sustainability EducationAl programme for greeNER fuels and enerGY on ports) is creating a Master Plan to enable ports to become clean energy hubs for integrated electricity systems, hydrogen, and other low-carbon fuels, and testbeds for waste reuse and circularity.

SYNERGETICS creates synergies between the leading research institutions in the field of ship hydrodynamics and energy transition, innovation centres and shipping industry associations, shipbuilding industry, regulatory bodies, vessel owners, and technology providers, as well as between different European regions.

HYMANTOVALLEY aims to develop some aspects of the Hydrogen Valley of Mantua, optimizing the production and storage of renewable electricity, the conversion, distribution, and storage of green hydrogen, and uses that the logistics hub of Valdaro can offer for the multimodal transport of goods. FPS will be overseeing the retrofit of the tug/pusher Tanzania to zero-emission propulsion.

Industry Associations

Hydrogen Europe is propelling global carbon neutrality by accelerating European hydrogen industry, bringing together diverse industry players, large companies and SMEs, who support the delivery of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. They enable the adoption of abundant and reliable energy which efficiently fuels Europe’s low carbon economy. They represent the European hydrogen and fuel cell sector with 260+ companies and 27 National Associations.

Waterborne has been set up as an industry-oriented Technology Platform to establish a continuous dialogue between all waterborne stakeholders, such as classification societies, shipbuilders, shipowners, maritime equipment manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers, universities or research institutes, and with the EU Institutions, including Member States. FPS is a proud Industrial Member of Waterborne TP.

ZESTAs. FPS is a proud Member of the Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association who promote rapid and large-scale uptake of Zero Emissions Ship Technology (ZEST). Zero Emissions means zero GHG emissions at point of use on the vessel with minimal upstream impacts. By combining zero-emission technologies, they achieve zero emissions at shipboard level faster.

CondorH2 is an outgrowth of the RH2INE initiative. It aims to remove barriers to zero emission transport for the inland waterway sector as a whole, and market-readiness of these solutions requires 50 zero emission vessels to operate by 2030, reducing CO2 emissions by 100,000 tonnes per year. Condor H2 will provide hydrogen storage and fuel cells with a battery pack on a pay-per-use basis, enabling ships to become zero emission with limited upfront investment for ship owners.

Maritime CleanTech (MCT) is a world leading cluster organization representing one of the world’s most complete maritime commercial hubs. MCT use the Norwegian maritime expertise, built up over generations, as a springboard for developing energy-efficient and sustainable technologies in collaboration with our partners. Together we establish green and groundbreaking projects with global commercial potential. FPS is a proud member of the MCT cluster.

NSHyMap (North Sea Hydrogen Ports and Maritime Community) is a membership-based association that promotes the increased use of hydrogen in
the ports and maritime sector as an effective and efficient way of achieving climate neutrality in one of the EU’s most important maritime regions. FPS is a proud Member of NSHyMap.