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Meet our team!


Huib van de Grijspaarde

Maritime transport expert and shipowner, impact investor and social and sustainable entrepreneur.

Reach out to Huib for: Zero-emission ideas| Sustainable mobility technologies

Richard Klatten
Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned CEO with 25 years experience in corporate and commercial law, especially related to technology.

Reach out to Richard for: Sustainable business strategy | CEO opinion | Inland shipping

Hans Bosman
Chief Financial Officer

Experienced financial professional advising enterprises focused on tech, innovation & sustainable transport solutions.

Reach out to Hans for: Funds insights | Start-up financing opinion

Sara Ravazza
Managing Director

Strong track record in inland and seagoing shipping. Experience as MD of large shipping companies, now part of FPS and ready to accelerate the transition to zero emission shipping!

Reach out to Sara for: Expert Shipping Insights | To develop your sustainable shipping solutions

Engineering and R&D

Milinko Godjevac
Senior Integration Advisor

Marine system integration professional with more than 15 years experience in academia and industry.

Reach out to Milinko for: Zero-emission engineering & technology | Speaking Opportunities

Dirk de Jong
Project Manager

30 years experience in the maritime industry designing and building highly specialised, custom-built vessels.

Reach out to Dirk for: Ship design | Shipbuilding knowledge

David Marchau
Jr. Naval Architecht

Ship design and shipbuilding expert, with passion for sustainable shipping and sleek hull lines.

Reach out to David for: discussing optimal hull shapes and clever vessel design solutions

Franziska Auer
Automation Engineer

Automation professional with a passion to use data and programming tools to solve engineering problems.

Reach out to Franziska for: Improving automation processes in zero-emission shipping

Tuğrul Cosgun
Assistant Project Manager

Industrial engineer with background in ship operations and management

Reach out to Tugrul for: Retrofit Projects | Shipyard Operations & Planning

Matei-Cosmin Baciu
Mechanical Engineer

More than 5 years’ experience in mechanical engineering with expertise in new-builds and retrofits of piping systems and ship structures.

Reach out to Cosmin for: Concept | Basic and detail engineering

Commercial & Vessel Operations

Abhinand Chandrasekar
Funding and Innovation Manager

Economist and strategy analyst, with a keen interest in environmental policy, emerging technologies, and sustainable business.

Reach out to Abhinand for: New & Emerging Tech | EU-Funded Projects & Subsidies | Speaking Opportunities | Business Development

Marnix Daalhuizen
Business Controller

Experienced in financial planning and analysis, always keeping the business on top of the mind

Reach out to Marnix for: Any matter where finance meets operations

Oscar Felix
Commercial Manager

With a heart that beats for all things moving on the seven seas. Commercial background in shipping, offshore and related business segments.

Reach out to Oscar for: Business Development | Chartering | Short Sea Shipping

Cas Kluiters

Maritime engineer with sailing experience on container feeders and a passion for hydrogen driven vessels

Reach out to Cas for: Vessel information | Superintending business