Meet our team!

Huib van de Grijspaarde

Maritime transport expert and shipowner, impact investor and social and sustainable entrepreneur.

Reach out to Huib for: Zero-emission ideas| Sustainable mobility technologies

Richard Klatten
Chief Executive Officer

Seasoned CEO with 25 years experience in corporate and commercial law, especially related to technology.

Reach out to Richard for: Sustainable business strategy | CEO opinion | Interviews

Hans Bosman
Chief Financial Officer

Experienced financial professional advising enterprises focused on tech, innovation & sustainable transport solutions.

Reach out to Hans for: Funds insights | Start-up financing opinion

Fokke van der Veen
Director Operations

20 years in technical innovation in the maritime industry and hands-on sailing experience as a former Chief Engineer.

Reach out to Fokke for: Zero-emission technology | Technical opinion

Prasanna Colluru
Director Corporate Strategy

Strategy and innovation professional spanning the maritime, energy and retail industries.

Reach out to Prasanna for: Zero-emission strategy | Expert opinion | Speaking Opportunities

Milinko Godjevac
Senior Integration Advisor

Marine system integration professional with more than 15 years experience in academia and industry.

Reach out to Milinko for: Zero-emission engineering & technology | Speaking Opportunities

Dirk de Jong
Project Manager

30 years experience in the maritime industry designing and building highly specialised, custom-built vessels.

Reach out to Dirk for: Ship design | Shipbuilding knowledge

Oscar Felix
Sales Manager

Sales professional with background in shipping, offshore and maritime business experience in the maritime industry.

Reach out to Oscar for: Sales | Inland water transport

Abhinand Chandrasekar
Business Analyst

Economist and strategy analyst, with a keen interest in environmental policy.

Reach out to Abhinand for: Sustainability Policy | Environmental Policy