Our service packages serve key market parties in their transition to zero-emissions shipping


  • We enable investment in sustainable shipping by demonstrating that zero-emissions propulsion is technically and commercially feasible.​
  • We build commercial partnerships to finance zero-emissions vessels (new-builds or retrofits).


  • We work with your organization’s logistics departments and partners to  reduce the environmental footprint of your company.
  • We connect your company to green shipping services, vessel owners and other market parties.

Ship owners /

  • We enable you to upgrade your vessel(s) with the most environmental and commercially viable zero-emissions propulsion systems.
  • We manage the procurement and retrofitting process.
  • We provide technical, financial and commercial solutions. 

Shipyards /
technology suppliers

  • We act as your commercial / business development advisors, and connect you to potential sales opportunities for which your technology / services are most appropriate.