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The FPS team continues to work hard with our partners on various projects in relation to the FPS Maas and our new fleet of three vessels to further our journey towards zero-emission shipping. Acceleration of course has at times been slower than we would all have liked or hoped for, but progress is being made every day and we are proud of the significant strides we are making.

Getting new and innovative technologies into the water, also in conjunction with the pandemic has required us to readjust timelines, but rest assured, we are doing our very best to have the FPS Maas sailing on hydrogen as soon as possible. Our quest for a greener more efficient way to ‘future proof shipping’ and to accelerate to a zero-emissions shipping world will never waver.

Richard and the FPS Team

Our Latest Updates

A zero emissions label for a zero emissions ship!

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We're thrilled to announce that H2 Barge 2 has received the A0 certificate from Binnenvaart Emissie Label! With H2 Barge 1 already receiving its certificate last year, this makes H2 Barge 2 the second cargo vessel to receive this recognition, and the third in the world! The A0 standard means our ship emits ZERO grams of CO²e and ZERO air climate emissions. This is some achievement for our team and we proudly share this triumph with our partners and industry. The standard has been set for inland shipping and beyond. Find out more from the Future Proof Shipping team: start@futureproofshipping.com

Future Proof Shipping welcomes new Managing Director on board

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Future Proof Shipping welcomes new Managing Director on board - 11 April 2024 - Inland shipping pioneer Future Proof Shipping (FPS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sara Ravazza as its new Managing Director, effective April 01, 2024. Sara joins the team of zero emission shipping innovators, to strengthen and steer their sustainability-driven initiatives. Bringing over two decades of experience in the shipping industry, Sara has succeeded in notable roles across Europe, with recent tenures as Managing Director of several shipping lines in the Netherlands including Maersk Benelux. “It Is with great pleasure that we welcome Sara Ravazza to…

Zero Emission Shipping Accelerated with Launch of Carbon Insetting Program

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Brussels, April 3rd, 2024  In a significant development during the Connecting Europe Days, a leading consortium of maritime organizations introduced the world's first Carbon Insetting Program for Zero Emission Shipping. This pioneering initiative, unveiled at the RH2INE CE Days session by Future Proof Shipping (FPS), Zero Emission Services (ZES), and 123Carbon, operates within the decarbonization framework of the Smart Freight Centre. Carbon insetting is a strategy where companies invest in projects within their own supply chain to reduce emissions and carbon footprint, creating a positive impact on ecosystems and communities. It is a new approach compared to traditional carbon offsetting…

Yard time for FPS Waal!

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Following in the wake of our FPS Maas (now H2 Barge 1), the FPS Waal has just sailed its last inland voyage on a diesel engine! The container ship arrived at the Holland Shipyards Group shipyard in Werkendam this week, where its retrofit to a zero-emission hydrogen-powered vessel will commence! ♻ In order to sail 100% emissions-free, all the vessel’s internal combustion engines will be removed and a new fully zero-emissions propulsion system, including PEM fuel cells, hydrogen storage, battery packs and an electric drive train will be installed. Over the coming weeks, the main engine and generators will be…