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With the help of individuals and organisations, The Living Ocean has protected and nurtured 22 nests, 2123 eggs and 2004 hatchlings.

On behalf of the speakers at the H2 Barge 2 launch earlier this month, Future Proof Shipping (FPS), the EU-funded Flagships project, and the Interreg-funded ZEM Ports NS project donated to The Living Ocean. The Living Ocean is a non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands that conserves, develops, and protects marine ecosystems.

Sailing Towards Sustainability

On February 8, 2024, Future Proof Shipping (FPS), the EU-funded Flagships project, and the Interreg-funded ZEM Ports NS project launched the groundbreaking H2 Barge 2. The launch event brought together numerous key stakeholders to celebrate this achievement.

For most of the speakers who addressed the audience at the H2 Barge 2 launch, a donation of €640 was made to The Living Ocean.

“We wanted to thank our speakers for attending by giving them something meaningful and environmentally friendly that wouldn’t be difficult to travel back home with. We thought about investing in a foundation dedicated to sustainability and environmental conservation because we are committed to collaborating for the preservation of marine ecosystems, and The Living Ocean fulfills this perfectly.” Oscar Felix – Commercial Manager, Future Proof Shipping

Empowering Sealife

The Living Ocean was founded by Yong Mi Janse, who has resided in Zanzibar for over 15 years due to her deep passion for the ocean and its underwater realm. Despite being in a remote location like Zanzibar, she has observed significant climatic changes over the years. Upon returning to the Netherlands, Yong Mi established a non-profit foundation, The Living Ocean. This organisation is dedicated to conserving, nurturing, and safeguarding marine ecosystems.

“I’d like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to Future-Proof Shipping and their partners’ donation to support The Living Ocean. Your commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation is truly commendable, and we are happy to collaborate with a company that shares our values,” says Yong Mi Janse, founder of The Living Ocean.

Treasure our oceans and marine life

Contributions to The Living Ocean are pivotal in safeguarding the ocean’s biodiversity and supporting local communities through initiatives such as turtle hatcheries, coral nurseries, livelihood programs for fishermen, and educational programs for local schools. By supporting The Living Ocean, they can continue their vital work in marine conservation, preserving precious ecosystems, protecting endangered species, and empowering communities to thrive in harmony with the ocean.


An Ocean of Thanks

Future Proof Shipping (FPS), the EU-funded Flagships project, and the Interreg-funded ZEM Ports NS project extend their gratitude to all the key stakeholders who attended the launch of the H2 Barge 2 and to the multitude of speakers who contributed to the event and made this donation possible. Each speaker had the option to choose the recipient for Future Proof Shipping’s donation made in their name. Aside from The Living Ocean, €80 was donated to Doctors Without Borders on behalf of two of the speakers.

  • Richard Klatten, FPS
  • Abhinand Chandrasekar, FPS
  • Milinko Godjevac, FPS
  • Mirela Atanasiu, Clean Hydrogen partnership
  • Leendert Hoogendoorn, HGS
  • Marius Knutsen, Maritime Cleantech
  • Madadh Maclaine, ZESTAs
  • Jaap Gebraad, Waterbourne TP
  • Benjamin Boyer, CCNR
  • Bas Joorman, Lloyds Register
  • Jyrki Mikkola, VTT
  • Dirk de Jong, FPS
  • Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard, Ballard
  • Pål Gunnar Eide, SEAM
  • Mathieu Longueville, Sogestran
  • Khalid Tachi, EICB/RH2IWER


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