We are finalizing our agreements with a terminal operator, cargo owner, shipbuilder, technical universities,
fuel cells and battery suppliers and other technology innovators in the maritime and energy sectors.

We believe that hydrogen will play a vital role in enabling the use of renewable energy sources to their full potential, and in ushering in a truly zero emissions world. With the first FPS pilot, we will validate and scale hydrogen-based clean energy technologies that will provide a competitive advantage in shipping, and result in a fossil fuel and emissions free maritime industry.

In collaboration with technology innovators, we are developing a propulsion system based on a combination of hydrogen and fuel cells, that will be tested on a vessel owned by FPS. We aim to identify the most efficient and reliable combination of propulsion system and renewable fuel which provides zero-emissions transportation, and exhibits a realistic path towards economic viability and large-scale commercialisation.

We will not be the first to pilot fuel cells / hydrogen in the marine industry, but expect to be the first to demonstrate such a system for the main propulsion at this scale. The zero-emissions inland vessel which is now in the planning stage, will be operational at the end of 2019, transporting container cargo between the Netherlands and Belgium.