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FPS Rijn Retrofit


Vessel Type: Inland container vesseI
Dimensions: 135m x 14.2 m
Available on hire: 2025
Propulsion: 2000kW PEM Fuel Cell system
Type of Hydrogen: Compressed H2 (100% Green Hydrogen)
Hydrogen Capacity: t.b.d. Swappable containers (Type IV cylinders)
Emission reductions: ~2000 tonnes CO2e annually


RH2IWER Project : Funding received for Fuel Cells (1600 kW) and other equipment

RH2IWER project, has launched an ambitious initiative to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell powered vessels in inland waterway transport. The consortium will showcase six vessels of different types. The FPS Rijn and FPS IJSSEL will be converted to H2 propulsion in this project.

JTF: EUR 2 Million funding received for electrical systems

The main objective of the JTF is to enable regions that are highly dependent on income and employment from fossil fuels to enter an energy transition on a fair and equal basis. A transition that takes into account the social and economic aspects and the environmental effects. The JTF Groot-Rijnmond (administered by Kansen voor West) grants EUR 2 million to the electrical systems of the FPS RIJN that will operate between Rotterdam and Duisburg