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FPS Maas Retrofit Project

Our first vessel, FPS Maas, will be retrofitted to run 100% on hydrogen in 2023.

FPS Maas is a 110 x 11,45 m inland container vessel, typical of the vessels that sail on the Rhine.

Having completed months of energy profiling, the container vessel will be retrofitted at the Holland Shipyards Group’s yard in Hardinxveld and is expected to be sailing 100% on hydrogen power by Q2 2023.

The Retrofit
Retrofitting means replacing the internal combustion technology with hydrogen technology, removing both the main engine and gearbox, and installing a new modular propulsion system. This will consist of electric motors, hydrogen tanks, a PEM fuel cell system (necessary for converting hydrogen into electricity) and a battery system. The compressed hydrogen tanks, the fuel cells and the battery system are separate units that can be removed for maintenance or replacement purposes.

The hydrogen and fuel cell system will be installed in the cargo space of the vessel, with the hydrogen being placed above the fuel cell system in two 40ft containers (approximately 1000kg at 300 bar).

The fuel cell system will be triple redundant with 825 kW capacity (to supply propulsion and auxiliary power) and a 504 kWh lithium-ion battery pack for peak shaving, secondary and bridging power. The system will contain a 750V DC bus bar and an e-motor for propulsion.

Once back in service, FPS Maas will carry on shipping container cargo between Rotterdam and Antwerp and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2000 CO2e tonnes annually.

This innovative project is supported by funding from the Dutch RVO (Subsidie Duurzaam Scheepvaart scheme), Interreg North Sea Program (via the ZEM Ports NS project) and a stimulation scheme for sustainable inland shipping from the Port of Rotterdam, which is executed by the Expertise en InnovatieCentrum Binnenvaart (EICB).